Weekly Vocabulary Words for Kids July 4

Increase your child's vocabulary with this list.

  1. abridge | see definition»

    to shorten by leaving out some parts

  2. acrimony | see definition»

    angry and bitter feelings

  3. coward | see definition»

    a person who shows shameful fear

  4. ineffable | see definition»

    too great, powerful, beautiful, etc., to be described or expressed

  5. lexicography | see definition»

    the editing or making of a dictionary

  6. meteor | see definition»

    one of the small pieces of matter in the solar system that enter the earth's atmosphere where friction may cause them to glow and form a streak of light

  7. obviate | see definition»

    to prevent or avoid (something)

  8. reprimand | see definition»

    to criticize (a person) severely or formally

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